Web Technology

We represent a wide selection of Web technology opportunities for our clients. These opportunities may involve the following type of positions:

  Technical Manager Web Design
  Project Manager Web Developer
  Project Leads Web Master
  Web Analysts Graphics Design
  e-Commerce Quality Assurance

The positions we have available can vary in skill sets and function, as well as, required experience. For our Junior Level Web positions, the minimum requirement is 1+ years of technical experience. For our Senior Level Web positions, we require at least 4+ years of technical experience.

One or more of the following skills may be required in any of our Web Internet / Intranet openings:

  HTML Java VB Visual Interdev
  DHTML JavaBeans VBScript Visual Studio
  XML JavaScript ASP FrontPage
  CGI OLE Active-X ADO
  VPN .NET COM Photoshop
  IIS Visual C++ DCOM Dreamweaver
  SQL Server PL/SQL C# CSS
  Oracle SQL C++ Flash

Some of our clients are in the following industries: Financial, Transportation, Logistics, Distribution, Manufacturing, Health Care, Travel, etc.

Since Luna Source, Inc. specializes in the aforementioned areas, we are able to provide excellent service to both our clients and candidates. Unlike other companies who spread themselves too thin (by trying to do everything for everyone), our goal is to be your company of choice for all of your Database, Web and Networking Technology needs.

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